HESI PN Exam Test Bank Download


The HESI PN Exit Exam is an assessment exam used by various Nursing programs to determine whether a student is ready to take and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.  Because Nursing programs are required to achieve certain passing rates by various accrediting and regulatory agencies, they are under extreme pressure to make sure that their students are capable of passing the NCLEX PN Exam.

We have taken the Hesi PN Exit exam and have consulted with our customers and most agree that their school requires an 850 to pass. Every one of our customers that have bought this HESI PN Test Bank have scored over 1000!
This is how they did it… forget everything you have learned or heard about studying. I have a terrible memory, but getting the actual exam questions and answers works! Why? Because this is not another generic collection of thousands of different sample questions that are similar to what you might see on the HESI PN Exam. This is the actual Test Bank of questions and answers that you absolutely will see on the HESI PN Exam. Word for word!

HESI PN Question Format

The format of the HESI PN exam questions is intended to simulate the types of questions a student will see on their NCLEX board exams.  The HESI PN questions are typically at a critical thinking level, versus a standard information/fact level like students see in their standard Nursing courses.  The HESI iNET test bank exam questions will be in one of the following six formats:

  1. Multiple Choice – These are the majority of the questions.  Students will select an answer from one of four choices.
  2. Multiple Response – Students can choose one or more answers from five to seven choices.
  3. Fill in the Blank – Students calculate an answer and submit.  An on screen calculator is provided.
  4. Hot Spots – Students are asked to identify a specific area on an image or graph.
  5. Chart/Exhibits – Students are asked to solve a problem based on information presented in a chart or exhibit.
  6. Drop and Drag – Students will rank or sequence items.


The HESI PN Exit Exam is intended to measure your readiness for your NCLEX Board Exams.  Do well on your exit HESI PN Exam and you will do well on your NCLEX!

The HESI PN Exit Exam is typically given in the last quarter or semester of a school’s Nursing program. The HESI exit tests are comprehensive in nature and are constructed to mirror the content of the corresponding NCLEX PN exam. The purpose of the Exit PN HESI is to predict a student’s success in passing their NCLEX PN. Recent studies have analyzed the results of over 35,000 students who have taken the HESI PN Exit test and the NCLEX. Of those students, who took the exams over a seven year period, over 98% of the students that the HESI PN exit exam predicted would pass their NCLEX PN did so on their first try.


This HESI PN Test Bank contains all the newest and up-to-date exam questions and answers. Here is a sample of some of the older questions and answers used on the HESI PN Exam from two years ago………

A client on bed rest refuses to wear the prescribed pneumatic compression device after surgery, what action should the PN  implement in response to the clients refusal – emphasize the importance of active foot flexation

After applying alcohol based hand rub to the palms of the hand and rubbing the palms together what action should the pn take next – place hands on top of each other and interlace fingers

A new mother is bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding the practical nurse should instruct to most effective way to deal with breast engorgement and discomfort is to – wear a supportive bra at all times

Because of staffing shortages the charge nurse assigns a practical nurse to perform a skill which  the PN is not yet not certified to perform what is the best response by the PN – I am uncomfortable performing a skill when i am not certified

Client recovering from stroke is learning how to use cane how should it be placed – on the stronger side of the body

Schizophrenia is withdrawn isolates himself in the day room and answers questions with one or two word responses which intervention is most important- measure appropriate vital signs

While performing the apical pulse of an adult male client the practical nurse notes that the point of maximal impulse is located at the 4th intercostals space medial to the midclavicular line what is the assessment for – expected finding

Type 2 diabetes becomes unresponsive  and says im not feeling right  which action should the pn take – give 4 ounces of apple juice

A new mother is breastfeeding her newborn for the first time and complains of nipple pain when the baby sucks what should the nurse tell the mom- ensure that all the areola tissue of the nipple is in the infants mouth

A client with irritable bowel syndrome is receiving dicyclomine an anticholinergic drug – provide oral care

The pn is caring for a client in bucks traction what is the priority goal for the client in traction-  maintain straight body alignment

Which site should the pn use when administering RHO D- deltoid

Client with hungtingtons disease starts jerking around while the family is there what should the nurse do – offer emotional support to the family

When should a person use additional birth control precautions- when taking antibiotics for an infection

Client who has four gold seed implants on a chest wall tumor is on  radiation precautions what basic precautions should the pn nurse observe when administering direct client care- minimal time maximum distance and protective shielding

Client voiding small amounts every 24- hours – the catheterized volume determines the need to reinsert the indwelling catheter

Based on the principle of asepsis the pn should consider which situation to be sterile –  an open sterile Foley catheter kit set up on a table at the PN waist level

A client with small bowel obstruction is experiencing frequent vomiting which instructions are most important for the practical nurse to provide to the unlicensed personnel who is completing morning care for this client – measure all emesis accurately

Single mother of a child with head injury comes crying to the clinic what should the pn tell her – this must seem overwhelming to you right now

On admission to the medical unit a client who is homeless and has a history of HIV with a persistent cough – erythema and in durations of 5mm at site

When preparing to administer medications to an older resident  the pn notices that several medications that were supposed to be administered during the previous shift have not been entered as given in the computer doc what action should the pn take – contact the medication nurse to clarify the findings

Tb hearing of ringing in the ears what medication should be reported to the health provider – Gentamicin

28 year old client is in active labor and complains of a cramp in her leg. What intervention should the pn implement – extend the leg and flex the foot

A client is admitted for observation after experiencing a TIA – high risk for injury